Momi & Toy’s Japanese Crêperie

Momi-&-Toy's-11When I hear the word crêperie the first thing come in my mind is a French restaurant or stall specialised in crepes, but turned out Momi & Toy’s Crêperie is a chain of Japanese crepes outlets. First opened in Japan and now their outlets has been spread in Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. In Indonesia itself they have 5 outlets located in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya. Continue reading “Momi & Toy’s Japanese Crêperie”

Nourishing Food from Black Garlic

Black Garlic Cobb Salad_

Do You eat delicious food every day?

That’s a question  often arises when I told people about my food blogging activity.  Eating delicious food almost every day is one of the perks of being a food blogger, but after having lots of sweets and fatty meal my body craving for a simple and light meal. Especially on a dry season like this not only my limb but also my palate begging for a fresh and light food. Continue reading “Nourishing Food from Black Garlic”

Prawn & Shiitake Congee

Prawn Congee

A well made congee is a truly celebration of simplicity, it is light and nourishing. A bowl of warm congee can refresh not only your body but also your soul. It is perfect for anytime of the day. Maybe because congee is light and easy to cook, in some Asian country people like to associated congee as a breakfast or late supper meal.  Continue reading “Prawn & Shiitake Congee”

Be Transported Back to the 50’s at Pizza Nagih


After success with Warung Nagih and Pasta Nagih, two casual eateries with street food concept. PT. Nagih Jaya Food has embarked on the new venture – Pizza Nagih. Located in Kemang area, this newborn eatery is such a divergence from its maiden venture in Mampang. Although the concept was more for takeaway and delivery service they also cater for dine-in. Continue reading “Be Transported Back to the 50’s at Pizza Nagih”

Mushroom Vol-au-vent with Hollandaise Sauce

vol au vent 2

I remember as a little girl I love to getting lost in a pile high of my grandmother’s cookbook. I savouring each book like it was a fairy tales book, I went over and over it until I knew it by heart. And there is a thin book…old and worn cookbook. The book cover looks so dull and uninteresting. However, this was my favourite book, it full with classic French recipes like vol-au-vent, beef bourgouignon, or île flottante.  Continue reading “Mushroom Vol-au-vent with Hollandaise Sauce”

Flavors of Indonesia by William Wongso – Preserving a Legacy Through Food

Flavors-of-Indonesia-03Indonesia is a vast archipelago country with a great cultural diversity, each region is a home to a distinctive cuisine. Many cookbooks that discussed about Indonesian food, but not many could really capture the essence of Indonesian fare. William Wongso’s book Flavors of Indonesia: William Wongso’s Culinary Wonders is certainly the answer to that. Continue reading “Flavors of Indonesia by William Wongso – Preserving a Legacy Through Food”