Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge at Huize van Wely

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Jakarta

From outside The Papilion glass building in Kemang Raya look pretty yet intimidating. But once I steped inside I was impressed by its elegant interior. I love their high ceiling and iconic glass structure. The interior in this building make … Continue reading

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge at Oasis Heritage Restaurant

Oasis Heritage Restaurant

“Great artist, whether they are painters or something else, or leaders, become great because their life has been crammed with and based upon profound, intense experiences: emotional, spiritual, or physical. Without such profound experiences, greatness is purely imaginery.” – Pramoedya … Continue reading

Balinese and Lombok Food Experiences at Signatures Restaurant, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Balinse Chicken Salad

We experience our lives through the senses, a truly marvellous thing. In the split second after the pure cognition of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and thinking we form a reaction to a sense object: attraction or aversion, liking or … Continue reading