Pandan and Kaffir Lime Leaves Steamed Cake

If you like fluffy and moist cake I suggest you to try steamed cake. Although steamed cake  is not popular in Western-style kitchens, but in Asian kitchen steamed dessert and cake is a common thing. Japanese have Mushi-pan, Chinese and Nyonya kitchen also have their version of steamed sponge cake.


Goat Cheese and Chive Popovers

Well, let me be honest with you, beside the name I don’t know what the difference between Yorkshire pudding and popovers. But there’s one thing that I know for sure, I love Yorkshire pudding … and also popovers of course. How can you not love them? They are light, airy, crispy on the outside and…


Brie and Nutella Toast

Although cheese and chocolate is such a weird combination for some people, but it’s normal to find cheesy sweet treats in Indonesia, it even become a favourite for Indonesian. From cheap street food like piscok (banana, cheese and chocolate spring roll) and roti bakar (toast), or more expensive food like martabak manis.