Great Experience with Greta

Several days ago, me and my cousin attended an event held at Portico Terrace Bistro . The event called “Great Experience with Greta” was held to celebrating Portico’s  third anniversary. Such as the title Portico brought in Greta Yaxley the winner of Junior Master Chef Australia season 2.


I think this would be a great experience- watching her cooking and tasting her food. But this was not as I expected, there are many flaws. The show was late about an hour  and they don’t have a big screen so people who sit in the back can’t enjoy the show. They serve 3 dishes: feta tortellini with butter sage and raisins as an entree, citrus and tarragon chicken with walnut and pomegranate salad and middle eastern meringue with berry compote and almond shortbread as a dessert. Basically the entree was ok but not special and the chicken was too dry and the salad is wilted and for the meringue I didn’t get the meringue texture- for me meringue must be soft in the inside with a crispy exterior- maybe because thats a middle eastern meringue but I love their berry compote. Overall the food seems not fresh, it looks like they cook it several hours ago.



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