Food Styling & Food Photography Class


Ismaya catering cafe held a DIY Dining series again. Today’s class is special because this time Ismaya organize a food styling and food photography workshop. This time instead of cooking, the participant will be taught how to decorate and photograph a burger.


This workshop was divided into 2 sessions, the first session is food styling and then followed by food photography session. The event began with an introduction to foodstyling and food photography by Hima Sutanto from The Foodtography, after the introduction the participants watch the video and slideshow about food photography. After watching the video, the participants begin to assemble the burger to be photographed, in this session we get tips and trick about how to choice an ingredients and prepared it to make it look attractive when photographed later. In the second session the participants were divided into 3 groups, each group then select and arrange property that has been provided, in this session the participants were also given a bit of knowledge about food properties, lighting, and also the right angle to photograph a burger.



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