Buras (Buginese Rice Cakes)


This time IDFB and Puregreen Organic organized a cooking challenge with a rice theme. Puregreen Organic Rice is a 100% organic rice, free chemichal and pesticide. According to national standards, organic rice ahould be planted with organically for 3 years then the result can be categorized as organic. The field that produce Puregreen Organic Rice has been cultivated organically, natural without use pesticides and other chemicals for more than 5 years.

For This challenge I choose to make buras. For this recipe I use Puregreen Pandan Wangi Rice. Buras or burasa is a type of rice cake dishes from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Similar to ketupat and lontong, buras boiled in a rather long time period so that when cooked the rice is expand and becomes compressed. Which makes buras different with ketupat and lontong is the rice for buras has been partially cooked with coconut milk before wrapped in banana leaves and then biled for several hours.

Althought the ingredients are simple, but the long cooking process makes people only cook it for special ocassion like Ramadan. Even so, you can easily find it sold in a traditioanl market or food stalls that selling Makassar food like coto Makassar (beef and innards soup), Sop Konro ( Makassar Beef Ribs Soup) or Palubassa.



  • 4 cups Puregreen fragrance rice
  • 6 cups coconut milk
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • Banana leaves
  • String


  • Put rice in a strainer and rinse it with cold water. Drain rice and set aside.
  • Bring the coconut milk to boil in a large pan. When coconut milk has come to boil, stir in rice and salt, bring it to gentle simmer, keep stirring to prevent the rice sticking to the pan. Cook until about 1/3 has absorbed. Turn off the heat and let it cool.
  • Meanwhile cut the banana leaves into rectangle about 15×20 cm and clean up using damp ktichen towel.
  • Get the banana leaves and stack them on top of each other, take about 1 tablespoon rice mixture and put it in the centre of leaves. Press down the rice mixture with the back of spoon to spread it out a bit.
  • Bring together the 2 long sides of banana leaves and fold it over, tucking one side over the other. Fold the two remaining side under the buras. Do the same thing with the other.
  • Get two buras and stack them together (folds are on the inside), tied with kitchen string.
  • Bring the water to boil in a large pot. Carefully add buras to the pot of boiling water, make sure all the buras covered with water. Cover the pot and cook approximately 3 hours, check it frequently and add more water if needed.
  • After 3 hours, turn off the heat. Remove the buras from pot and rinse it under cold water. Drain the excess water and buras ready to serve.



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