Blogger Meetup with Erik Wolf


29th September 2014, Omar Niode foundation in collaboration with World Food Travel Association and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Republic Indonesia organised a seminar about culinary business and tourism. Events that take place in the hall of Susilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona building presents Erik Wolf as a main speaker.

The day before seminar, Omar Niode foundation invited some Indonesian bloggers to attend a small gathering with Erik Wolf in Pantry Magic Kemang. I got the invitation through Indonesian Food blogger club. It’s been awhile since this incredible meet up happened. But Erik Wolf, as the pioneer of world’s food tourism industry & Founder at World FoodTravel Association still inspired me. I remembered he said “I have been a foodie my entire life”, that such a simple word, but it meant a lot to me. His passion and enthusiasm to a culinary and tourism world is contagious.

There were about ten bloggers who come to this event, few of the bloggers I already knew and some of them I just meet. After we introduce ourselves, the event continued with a discussion about culinary business and tourism. Erik Wolf explained to us that the scope of culinary business is broad and not just limited to the field of restaurant business. There were many field beside the restaurant business, like cooking school, food industry (factory , farm and plantation). Beside the casual and warm discussion we also have a mangosteen 101 with Vania Samperuru and Erik. Ibu Amanda Katili and the bloggers also introduces the traditional sweets from Indonesia to Erik Wolf. This gathering was like a reunion of old friends and a gathering of new.



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