Korean Restaurant Guide App & Gochujang Noodles Soup


I wanted a perfect ending. I’ve learned the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, leaning into change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next~ Gilda Radnes.

Korean Food Foundation just published a Korean restaurant guide book in Jakarta and Malaysia. In this book KFF write a review about 20 best Korean Restaurant in Jakarta. Korean Food Foundation is an official, government registered, civil institution that is created to promote Korean Food. Beside guide book, KFF also launched mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You can download this Korean Restaurant Guide application for free in App Store or Play Store. You can also download this application from Korean Culture Indonesia website.

The main page of this app has 2 options- Indonesia and Malaysia. Both have a 20 restaurants list, the list is shorted alphabetically (by the name of the testaurant). Beside a short review about the restaurant and their favorite menu, the information also include restaurant capacity, phone number, restaurant address, price range, etc.

Search option- in this option you can search restaurant by the name. This option also is very helpful if you looking a specific dish, just type your favorite food name and the choice of restaurant who served that food will appear.
Map option- you can use this option if you looking the nearest restaurant from your place.
+Menu option- I think this is the coolest feature from this app. In this option they have a list of Korean Food with a picture and short explanation in bahasa Indonesia, Malay, English and Korean. I love their food picture it looks delicious with a clean white background.

I enjoy use this application, the information is very helpful and I also like the design its simple and clean. If you are Korean food lover or just curious about Korean food what you waiting for…download this app now.

Rain pouring down since last night and as I write this the sky doesn’t look like its fixing to quit any time soon. Nat King Cole and John Coltrane is playing on the background and I’m sitting by the window hoping and wishing that the rain will stop soon because I’m hungry and I don’t have any food to eat.

After checking Korean Restaurant guide application I become more hungry than before. I imagine my favorite dolsot bibimbap and Samgyetang from Daejanggeum restaurant, but rain won’t stop. I needed something that was easy and comforting. I gather all the available ingredients from fridge and all I have is eggs, flour, gochujang, bonito, scallion and frozen corn. Well…all that ingredienst enough to make a bowl of noodles soup.


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