Happy Day Restaurant- Ir H Juanda, Central Jakarta


Happy Day is a restaurant owned by Imperial Group which is also managed some other brand like Imperial Cakery  Imperial Kitchen, Imperial Lamian, Imperial Treasure, Imperial Cafe and Yumzaa. This restaurant has been around since more than 2 decades ago. Established on October 1993 Happy Day Restaurant has claimed itself as the first affordable prestigious American family restaurant in Jakarta.


Last week me and several bloggers from Indonesian Food Blogger come to Happy Day restaurant for food tasting.

From outside the restaurant building is quite striking. Green-painted building with a large signage in yellow colour is an attention grabber. Located on a busy roadside of Juanda street- not far from gambir station, and lack of parking space could be an obstacle for some people to stop and eating here. But for some people who is familiar with this place the problem like parking pace and bad traffic is not a big deal, they have a fond memories about this place.

Happy Day2


The restaurant may look small from the outside, but once you stepped inside you will find that the restaurant is very spacious. Entering the room you will greeted by an open space with a high ceiling and open kitchen on the back.

The restaurant interior is dominated by wood with some decorative ornamental plant. Beside the main dining room there is “semi-outdoor” with the large window on the side. The furniture in this room still dominated with wood but there a different atmosphere from studded leather couches and exposed brick wall.

Happy Day Delight

Happy Day Delight

Happy Day Delight IDR 21.900 cold carbonated layered drink come in a tall glass with a sliced lime and cherry as a garnish. The hint of sweetness from grenadine syrup and melon juice work pleasantly with the soda water. Mushroom-Soup-Resize Mushroom Soup IDR 18.900 Heartwarming mushroom soups with a generous amount of chopped mushroom. The mushroom soup was velvety and creamy. Wise portion but somehow the soup didn’t really leave much to imagination. Apart from mushroom soup, they also have other choices for soup like Zupa-zupa Soup IDR 21.900 from western counter, or Asparagus and Crab Meat Soup from Chinese station IDR19.900

Beef Lover Pizza

Beef Lover Pizza

Beef Lover Pizza IDR 31.900 An array of smoked beef, with mushrooms, and capsicum scattered all around thick crust pizza base and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. The green and red capsicum add colours and texture to this pizza. Beside beef lover pizza they also have other option like Chicken Favorite and Cheese Pizza. Or you can add additional topping for IDR 6,000.


Aglio Olio Pasta

Aglio Olio Pasta

Aglio Olio Pasta IDR 31.900 A few slices of black pepper sausage and mushrooms sitting on a mound of spaghetti. Seasoned with a touch of garlic and fresh cracking black pepper, with a fiery numbing sensation on the lips from the slices of bird eye chilli. This pasta is super spicy for some people but I can’t help myself and finished one portion of this pasta.

“Monster” Cheese Burger

“Monster” Cheese Burger IDR 73.900 Juicy beef patty come inside a pan-seared giant burger bun, coupled with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mayo. The beef patty has a thin crust with a slightly moist texture in the inside, while the sesame seed-sprinkled bun add a nice little touch.

Chocolate Melt

Chocolate Melt

Chocolate Melt IDR 28.900 We concluded our dinner with Chocolate Melt. Piping hot chocolate cake that oozes with melted dark chocolate paired with a swirly mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The ice cream has a slightly unpleasant after taste, but the chocolate cake was delicious and it soothes my disappointment

Beef Lover Pizza, Aglio Olio Pasta, Summer Punch

Beef Lover Pizza, Aglio Olio Pasta, Summer Punch

Summer Punch IDR 17.900 Summer Punch is a concoction of freshly-squeezed jeruk peras (sweet orange), lime juice and passion fruit. Refreshing drink with a subtle sour taste come with a diced strawberries and kiwi, while the colourful tiny jelly bring a fun texture in a drink.

This restaurant is a good place to chill out and dining with your friends or family. I could feel the casual and relax atmosphere in this place. This probably not the right place if you looking for authentic pasta or pizza, but this absolutely the right place if you looking casual dining place, with good quality food that fits in our local tongue without have to worry that the bill will make a holes in your pocket.

Happy Day Resto
Jl. Ir H Juanda No.19
Jakarta Pusat

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