Food Props Buying Guide in Jakarta

Food photography is not a rocket scientist its also not about your camera. It is about telling stories through your eyes. You can create a story by adding some props into your photographs. A prop doesn’t have to be a fancy piece of tableware, something simple like flour, herbs and spices also add story to your photographs.

Among many shops and department stores in Jakarta. This is the list of shops that I often visit when I’m looking a props for my food photography. 

Alfalfa Omeletters

Yellow plate from Foodhall Grand Indonesia, coffee cup from Toko Fatma, book from Gramedia Grand Indonesia

1. The Food Hall Grand Indonesia I never make a special trip for props hunting to this place, but everytime I visit Grand Indonesia I make sure to check this place. Food hall is a part of Sogo department store, they have a table for discount dishware, like the yellow plate on picture above I purchased for less than 1 dollar.

Food Hall Grand Indonesia JL. MH. Thamrin No.1 – Central Jakarta Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall, Lower Ground Floor Phone:(021) 2358-0100

2. Pantry Magic Has a wide selection of tableware, glassware, and kitchenware. Located in Kemang raya- just a stone throw away from Mcd Kemang.

Pantry Magic Jl. Kemang Raya No.14B, Jakarta Selatan, Kota Jkt Sel., Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730, Indonesia Phone: (021) 7182-573

Spicy Crab Pasta 03

Glass Bowl from Ace Hardware

3. Ace Hardware 

I go to ace hardware not only for hunting a dinnerware and kitchenware but this is my favourite place to buy some tolls for food photography.They have all the stuff that I need for my food photography from clamp, metal bracket, white board, and many more.

Ace Hardware Kota Kasablanka, Jalan Dr. Satrio Raya, South Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

4. Muji Store

If you are looking a clean and minimalist modern Japanese tableware, Muji is a place for you. These Japanese department store not only selling clothes, but there are also section for tableware. These refined pieces come with hefty price tag but their  timeless looks and premium quality will save your money for long time.

Muji Store JL. MH. Thamrin No.1 – Central Jakarta Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall 3rd floor-Mini Anchor  Phone: (021) 2358-1975


Grandma’s antique Japanese tea set, grandma’s old book, and old book from Blok M square

5. Toko Fatma

Toko Fatma is an awesome stores for dinnerware shopping in Jakarta if you looking for a bargain deals. They have a large collection of white tableware.

Toko Fatma Pasar Blok A No. 41, Jl. Fatmawati, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12150, Indonesia

6. Bookstore

Bookstore always on my list if I’m looking for a cheap background for my food photography. You can use white poster board if you looking a seamless and clean background, and black or dark blue for moody ambience. You can use any paper for your backgrounds white thin cardboard, plain coloured paper, or any paper with motif and texture like handmade papers, gift wrappers, and scrap book paper.

7. Blok M Square Jalan Surabaya I like add object that not relating with food  to my photography to create a story.The flea market is one of the alternative cheap but quality shopping, and flea market is always been my favourite destination if I’m looking vintage and unique items.

Blok M Square Jl. Melawai V, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12160, Indonesia Phone: (021) 7278-0271  Jalan Surabaya Jl. Surabaya Menteng, Central Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jkt 10310, Indonesia Toyota Agya Hunting property and equipment for food photography is no easy task in Jakarta. Due to Jakarta’s legendary traffic we need a  robust and reliable city car, but for free-lancer and first-jobber like us finding an affordable city car is almost impossible.  Thanks to Toyota Indonesia, this Japanese automotive company has launched an affordable city car, having a stylish and trendy city car without makes you broke is not an impossible thing anymore. Beside that Agya also have an extensive luggage  and it really help a lot to put all my photography stuff.

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