Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge at Oasis Heritage Restaurant

Oasis Heritage Restaurant

“Great artist, whether they are painters or something else, or leaders, become great because their life has been crammed with and based upon profound, intense experiences: emotional, spiritual, or physical. Without such profound experiences, greatness is purely imaginery.” – Pramoedya Ananta Toer, This Earth of Mankind

I hate uncertainty, I am a quitter and I easily get frustrated by the unpredictable swings….


Oasis Heritage Restaurant

I have two reservations for Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge food tasting today. It’s 3.10 pm when I rushed down from the 6th floor to the lobby. The waiting staff in Immigrant told me that all my food blogger went to Oasis Restaurant first. I check my phone, but still no signal. I feel some insidious fear creeping out of my spine. I regret my decision….I shouldn’t going out today. I want go back to my home and just spend the afternoon on the couch with a cup of Earl Grey Tea and a box of Turkish delight.

But there is something that stop me. Stop me from being quitter. I don’t know why, but I feel the urged to go back to Oasis Restaurant.


Oasis Heritage Restaurant is nestled among the old school  houses, cafe and restaurants in Menteng area. This is a former private residence of a Dutch Millionaire.  Mr. E. Brandenburg van Oltsende. He is owner of tea, rubber, and cinchona plantations in 1928. The building has a well preserved Dutch colonial architecture with an antique knick knack fill each corner.

The house was built more than 70 years ago, but surprisingly it is still kept in matriculate condition. It is more bigger than I was expected. In the main dining room there’s a beautiful stained glass window designed by Dutch artist Robert Deppe, and made by J.J.R Engel. Even the black and white checkered tiles is an antique, it was made in Austria.


Left: Chef Firdaus Rhapsody & Ms. Eliawati Erly Right: Hot Oolong Lapsang Souchong Paired with Bebek Bali Asap Betutu

Inside the restaurant Pak James de Rave as a cultural liaison from Oasis Heritage Restaurant greeted me with a warm smile. He and the other have been waiting me. We gathered around wooden table by the window, we talked about everything. Then the waitress coming and asking me what tea I want. There are 6 choices of Dilmah tea like Brilliant breakfast, lapsang souchong- oolong tea, green tea with jasmine flowers, Italian almond tea, elegant earl grey tea, and peppermint leaves with Ceylon cinnamon.

This time I follow my instinct and  choose a hot fragrant earl grey tea. I love the citrusy and floral aroma from this tea, somehow it makes me fell calm every time I sip a cup of earl grey tea. Hot without milk, without sugar.

Oasis Heritage Restaurant

Left: Pak James de Rave Right: Bebek Bali Asap Betutu & Bitterbalen

Oasis Restaurant Jakarta

Balinese Smoked Duck with Sticky Rice Cake

Surrounded with all these beauty- antique statues, painting, chandelier, and view to the garden- and seeing our well dressed host I feel like I’m in wonderland, stumble inside a rabbit hole and having Mad Hatter’s tea party with all these fun people.

Not long after our tea arrived, I hear someone opened the door and the sounds of wooden food tray coming closer. A well dressed waiter come with 4 two-tier cake stands for us. The cake stand filled with savoury canapé and sweet. The savoury canapé consist of Betutu-style Bali Duck Breast Smoked with Oolong Lapsang Souchong, Bitterbalen with Tea Cheese Melt, and Beef Rendang Roll with Red Rice & Tea Caviar.

While the sweet canapé consist of Klappertaart Infused with Italian Almond TeaPoffertjes Baby Pancakes, and Ongol-ongol Enhanced with Elegant Earl Grey Tea. And there is also  two condiments for extra crunch Peanut Peppermint Tea Cracker Tea Infused Grissini. 

I’m happily sipping my earl grey tea and nibbling the poffertjes. I like all these sweet and savoury delicacies but my favourite is Betutu style Bali duck breast. Seasoned duck breast steamed and seared before it smoked with lapsang souchong tea, a slice of smoked duck breast sit on top of young cassava leaves, and grilled glutinous rice cake square. Then it topped with julienne red chilli, and a thinly sliced of kaffir lime.


I feel happy that I can be a part of this beautifully arranged afternoon tea. Many Thanks for Pak James de Rave, Pak O’om Mucharam Endi, Chef Firdaus Rhapsody, and the other team of Oasis Heritage Restaurant.

Oasis Restaurant

Jl. Raden Saleh Raya No. 47, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 3150646

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