Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge at Huize van Wely


From outside The Papilion glass building in Kemang Raya look pretty yet intimidating. But once I steped inside I was impressed by its elegant interior. I love their high ceiling and iconic glass structure. The interior in this building make this place seems elegant and relaxing at the same time.

Since its establishment in 1922, Huize Van Wely has earned their reputation as a destination for a good quality chocolates. Huize Van Wely first open in Jakarta in 1990, it offers a hand-made chocolates, bonbons, truffles, pastries, cakes, sweet and savoury biscuits and Ice cream.


Last week I came to Huize Van Wely in Papilion Kemang with some blogger friends for Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge tasting menu. All the staff in Huize Van Wely and The Papilion is very nice and helpful. Once we settled down we get a welcome drink, made from mixed of apple puree and Dilmah Jasmine Tea. When lift my glass the smells of Jasmine tea quite strong   but when I tasted, the apple juice blend perfectly with jasmine tea.

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Menu at Huize van Wely

  • Mini Hamburg steak paired with Dilmah Brilliant Breakfast
  • Chocolate Éclair with Ceylon’s Finest
  • Lapsang Apricot Mousse
Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Jakarta

From left to right: Welcome drink & Mini Hamburg Steak

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Jakarta

Mini Hamburg Steak

We started our afternoon tea- or in this case morning coffee- with mini Hamburg steak topped with lettuce and sunny-side up quail egg, it serve with lovely cherry tomato stuffed with creamy chestnut. Hamburg steak taste good, the steak still maintain their juiciness and it seasoned well without too much spices. The burger came alive with the sweetness and fruity scent of the cherry tomatoes and chestnut, the almost runny quail egg yolk became a nice addition to the dish. And it paired perfectly with Dilmah Brilliant Breakfast.

I sipping my brilliant breakfast slowly while I’m still munching the hamburg steak. The robust and strong flavor of brilliant breakfast enhanced the taste of Hamburg steak. Black tea like brilliant breakfast is a good match for mini Hamburg steak, it also help to reduce the greasiness of beef and clean up my palate so I’m ready for the next round.

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Jakarta

Chocolate Eclair from Huize Van Wely

After finished our mini Hamburg Steak we move on to the next course. For the second course we got Chocolate Éclair and it paired beautifully with Ceylon’s Finest cocktail. This chocolate eclair is a classic menu from Huize van Wely. Choux shell filled with decadent chocolate pastry cream, and it glazed with silky chocolate ganache.

This dark chocolate eclair paired with Ceylon’s Finest. Golden amber colour drink come in a tall cocktail glass with a nice touch of orange peeled. This drink made from combination of peppermint leaves with cinnamon Ceylon, homemade coke syrup, and Martel VSOP. The drink taste fruity with a hint of sweetness and mild spices notes.

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Jakarta

From left to right: Pak Cien brew us a rare Seasonal Flush & Lapsang Apricot Mousse

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Jakarta, Afternoon Tea Jakarta

Lapsang Apricot Mousse from Huize Van Wely

Our adventure is not finish yet, the last but not the least dishes waiting for us. Lapsang apricot mousse are the most loveable dessert. The flavour is so so subtle, theres an earthy smoke tone from lapsang tea, a delicate sweet and sourness from the apricot, and covered with a rich milk chocolate. There was one moment when I looked across the table and consciously thought – “I am very happy.”

It is a short but sweet meal. I feel overwhelmed with a wonderful dish and such an extraordinary generosity of Pak Cien Mahardi, Mas Ade Kurniawan and all the staff from Huize van Wely and The Papilion.

Huize van Wely

The Papilion, Level 1
Jl.Kemang Raya No.45 AA, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 719-1975 / 08119503345
Twitter: @The_Papilion


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