Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Spiced Onion Relish

Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich-03I just had a dream…a really weird dream about stringy  grilled cheese sandwich. I woke at 3 a.m.  and couldn’t get  back to sleep. My mind was racing like a rabbit’s heart, I can’t stop thinking about that stringy and gooey cheese sandwich. I woke up from my bed and tiptoeing into the kitchen like a thief. I snatched cheese and bread from the fridge. From the distance I can hear the sounds of the cricket and frogs whispered to me that cheese and chutney is match made in heaven.

It feel so liberating cooking in a middle of the night like this, the street was empty and the whole world feels like it’s just mine. No honking cars, no people shouting, no men in suits rushing to meetings- everything is still and I can take time to enjoy the sounds of the winds calling softly through the leaves.

Grilled Cheese SandwichGrilled-Cheese-Sandwich


Onion Chutney

  • 1 large yellow onion
  • 1 green chilli, finely chopped
  • coriander
  • balsamic vinegar

to assemble

  • slices white bread
  • slices smoked beef
  • 100 gr cheddar cheese
  • 100 gr mozzarella


  • Slice the onion thinly. Preheat the large skillet over medium heat, add 1 tablespoon oil. Add the onion and stir to coat the onions with oil. Add chopped green chilli, coriander, salt and pepper. Lower the heat and cook the onion until they caramelize and brown, stirring every few minutes.
  • Lay out few slices of bread and drizzle with oil. Spread the onion chutney evenly on one side of the bread, add a layer of smoked beef to the bread, top with a layer of grated cheese, and then top it with another slices of bread.
  • Drizzle a bit of oil on top of the bread, and rub it. Place the bread on hot grilled pan -oil side down- cook for about 1-2 minutes on each side or until it nicely toasted. Don’t forget to drizzle an oil to the other side of bread before you flip it.


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