Bing Go Korean Dessert Cafe- Gandaria City, Jakarta

Today Jakarta quite cool. No rain…but the sun feels shy to come out and say hello. Rain and  bright sun… that’s all we have  in Jakarta, sometimes I wish the magic happens and the sky sending us snow. I will jump in a pure joy when the mango tree in my grandma’s backyard covered with white and fluffy snow.


The popularity of Koran culture has grown, more and more Korean restaurants have sprung up in Jakarta. Ranging from a fast-food restaurant that selling Korean styles fried chicken, more traditional food like Bibimbap or Korean BBQ, or even dessert cafe. One of my favourite dessert cafes is Bing Go!

Bing Go is an authentic dessert cafe located in upper ground floor Gandaria City, South Jakarta. Bing Go offers popular Korean shaved snow ice (patbingsu) with various choice of toppings. The recently launched their  six new menus that feature premium ingredients.


Which makes Bing Go different than another Korean dessert cafe is they use premium ingredients and their snow sherbet is finer and milkier. They use frozen milk instead water to make their  snow ice, and that gives a finer texture and natural sweet aftertaste.

Space is not too big with minimalist design and it divided into indoor and outdoor space. The indoor space is airy and open with the big window so you won’t feel cramped even  the restaurant are full.


Bing Go Summer Special (IDR 90K). A bowl of snow shaved milk ice served with mango and frozen blueberry with a few cubes of creamy soft cheesecake and topped with vanilla ice cream.  I dig in my bowl with an enormous pleasure, this feels like you got a bowl of soft snow in the middle of summer. It tastes delicious,soft shaved ice blended well with  slight sourness from  mango and blueberry.


Bing Go Jakarta Real Special

Bing Go Jakarta Real Special (IDR 85K).  A bowl of snow shaved ice look very pretty with contrast black and white colour. It has dense dark chocolate brownies with chocolate shavings and the crunchy chocolate wafer on a side.
while on the other side, there is a chunk of creamy cheesecake with sliced almond. and served with vanilla ice cream on top.


Premium Mango Cheesecake Bing GO

Premium Mango Cheesecake Bing Go (IDR 90K). Snow shaved ice topped with whipping cream, cubed mangoes, and delicate New York cheesecake, drizzle with mango sauce, and served with sweetened condensed milk on the side.


Injeolmi Honey Butter Toast

Injeolmi Honey Butter Toast (IDR 46K). The chewy chunks of sweet Korean rice cakes were stuffed into crispy white loaves of bread, topped with vanilla ice cream, dusted with roasted soy beans powder (bokken konggaru), drizzle with generous amount of honey-butter sauce. I love  contrasting texture of this toast the crispy toast blended very well with chewy sweet Korean rice cakes. Roasted soya bean powder on top give this toast slightly nuttiness and turn this toast into a seductive dessert.


Chocolate Oreo Smoothies

For the drink, they have a selection of hot or cold coffee and tea, smoothies, and ade. I tried Hallabong Ade (IDR 32K) that made from a mixed of soda water and hallabong (seedless and sweet variety of mandarin orange) imported from Jeju island.


Hallabong Ade

Bing Go 

Gandaria City, upper grand flour

Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Gandaria

Instagram @BinggoIndonesia

Bing Go Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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