Black Garlic & Kokiku TV Guest Chef Series Menu Launching


With the desire to encouraging Indonesian people to cook at home, Black Garlic as the first meal kit delivery service in Indonesia never stopped to innovating to indulge their customers. This time, the creative team from Black Garlic and three young chefs from Kokiku TV combine their talents to bring new delicious recipes to your home. This three young chef is Gerry Girianza, Yuda Bustara, and Ari Galih.


For three months these young chefs will take turns to presenting their menu, each chef will bring two new recipes every week for a month. Launched in April, Gerry Girianza will be the first chef who will present his recipe, then followed by Yuda Bustara in May, and the last Ari Galih will take over the role as a guest chef during Ramadan.

Each of them will bring delicious and unique recipes that suit their personality. Like Gerry who was Inspired by his hometown in West Java, this finalist of Top Chef Indonesia will set up some menu speciality from West Java like Bubur Ayam Sukabumi, Nasi Bakar Ikan Jambal, and Sate Maranggi. Besides Indonesian food, he also has western style menu for breakfast like Banana, Almond, and Cinnamon Oat Porridge.


Yuda Bustara will inspire Indonesian urban people to cook more often and eat healthier food by presenting a simple delicious meal that can be easily cooked by anyone at home. While chef Ari Galih inspired by his experience travelling around Indonesia and learn to cook with local people when he was still a host on a TV show.


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