Nourishing Food from Black Garlic

Black Garlic Cobb Salad_

Do You eat delicious food every day?

That’s a question  often arises when I told people about my food blogging activity.  Eating delicious food almost every day is one of the perks of being a food blogger, but after having lots of sweets and fatty meal my body craving for a simple and light meal. Especially on a dry season like this not only my limb but also my palate begging for a fresh and light food.

In the outside, the rain clouds and the sun came and went like a parade. Just a few minutes ago rain poured outside, but now the sun was shining and makes me feel like a melted snowman. In a weather like this, I need a food with minimal effort and less cooking time, and  a bowl of cobb salad from Black Garlic is a perfect choice.


I opened the box and it contained all the ingredients needed to cook 2 meals ( I ordered soft shell crabs and cobb salad), each menu enough for 2 or even 3 people if you eat a moderate portion. My meals came neatly in a cardboard box with ice packs to keep the ingredients fresh for few hours. Chicken breast and beef bacon for my salad come in a vacuum sealed plastic bag. All the veggies like romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, and avocado were fresh.

I pulled out all the ingredients and read the simply detailed recipe card. I begin with the veggies, wash it all and then drain it in a colander, then I season the chicken breast and grill it in a non-stick frying pan alongside with beef bacon. After the chicken breast cooked I let it rest and move to prepare the vegetables, cut the vegetables as my desire size and put in a salad bowl…if your knife really sucks feel free to use scissors. Cut the chicken  breast and beef bacon in a cube, put it in a bowl alongside with vegetables, drizzle the dressing, toss the salad and voila I got my lunch.


Black Garlic is a meal kit delivery service based in Jakarta. After  stumble upon their Instagram feed a few months back, I finally decide  to try Black Garlic after seeing they offering a discount. I was curious whether this was a really helpful in a meal preparation or this just a new trend in the culinary industry. But find out I feel in love with Black Garlic since my first experience.

I’m glad that I’ve found Black Garlic as they can keeping me sane during my busy and hectic day Black-Garlic-Cobb-Salad--03


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