A Tale of Indonesian Home-Cooked Meal

Black Garlic Sweet Fish

It seemed only like yesterday we were celebrating the new year. I’ve heard many people exclaimed in a near shock how fast time’s been going lately. It seems as if there is not enough time to get everything done. We struggle to strike a balance between our professional and personal lives and eventually we often forget the essential thing in our life. Sometimes I feel like I obliterated my soul for a bigger a pay cheque. 

I barely remember when the last time I and my family shared a memorable,  joy-filled moments around our dinner table. These days for some people home-cooked meal is such a luxurious treat. Cooking activity is a sorely missed activity for me, but for another people, it can be a hard burden. Ironically, cooking Indonesian food is no more  a daily activity in Indonesian household. 

Indonesian Fried Chicken and Papaya Flower

Maybe because Indonesian food known for the complex ingredients and long cooking process

Cassava Leaves Curry

Everything has changed when I decided to try Black Garlic. Now I can cook Indonesian food with minimum fuss because Black Garlic doing the grocery shopping and preparing the ingredients. The spices mixture has been prepared for us, fish and chicken has been cleaned. The step-by-step instructions with photos and clear instructions make the cooking process is easy even for beginners.




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