Iftar Buffet at Signatures Restaurant

Signatures-RestaurantRamadan is here and the evening breakfast has once again become the most precious time of the day. This fasting month is a solemn ritual not only in religious terms but also in cultural. In a whole month where the Muslim can only eat during the prior time of the day nevertheless, this will be the busiest time in the kitchen. Ramadan is the right time for us to appreciate the gift of well-prepared meal and  the travails of disadvantaged. On the other hand, the breaking of the fast is also a time to enjoy some really good eats and offers the opportunity to share a wonderful meal with family and friends.Photoshop1Signatures-Restaurant-06

Signatures Restaurant is celebrating with a special menu to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan. Showcasing foods unique to the month of Ramadan, the menu is drawing new inspiration every day from traditional Muslim cuisines originating from  Middle Eastern combined with an array of Indonesian and Asian delectable. You don’t have to worry if your patron have different tastes.


Jajan Pasar


Signatures Restaurant at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski is a decadent destination to break your fasting and sharing some of that holy month bliss with your colleagues, family and the loved one. Located in the Central Jakarta with a perfect view of the city’s main roundabout, this the perfect oasis to unwind from the bustling city of Jakarta.Collages11


Left to Right: Dolma (Sarma), Samosa


Bread Salad

As you  stepped into Signatures Restaurant the friendly staff will greet you warmly. You can see the  venue is brimming with Middle Eastern atmosphere. The lanterns that hanging on the ceiling somehow remind me to the tales of Aladdin and the enchanted lamp. While  couples of  Arabic calligraphy statue adorn the room, emphasise the Middle Eastern nuances.


When the adhan Maghreb recited by the Muezzin the time to break the fast has come. Start with dates and tea, followed by your favourite Indonesian or Middle Eastern tajil like Bubur Sumsum or Baklava. If you prefer savoury than sweet tail you can opted for gorengan, pita bread with hummus, or dolma.


The iftar buffet, which comes with an assortment of tajil and hot tea, is available at Rp 355,000++ in Signatures Restaurant. Signatures Restaurant also have special offer for Mandiri credit card holder free 2 pax for every 10 pax & pay 1 for 2  for late supper/ after iftar starting 8pm.


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Signatures Restaurant

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Lobby Level
Jl. M.H. Thamrin no 1, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 23583898
Twitter: @KempinskiJKT


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