A Genuine Moroccan Flavours at King Couscous


Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Maghreb region of North Africa. Morocco rich and incredibly diverse culture is the result of the country’s interaction with other culture and nations over the centuries.

With its unique cultural diversity and geographical location is undeniable if Moroccan food gained a reputation as one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines.

King Couscous Lippo Mall Kemang

King Couscous authentic couscous & tajine is a Moroccan restaurant owned by Mr Ali Habbas. Situated on the first floor of Lippo Mall Kemang just across Sports Station outlet, the bright white and clean interior make this restaurant looks like any modern-casual eatery. But the big brown tagine that lined up behind the glass counter and the menu displayed in the front of restaurant, implies that King Couscous is the authentic Moroccan restaurant.


Mango Mojito & Blueberry Mojito

Born and raised in France with Algerian and Moroccan parents, Ali Habbas bring the bold authentic Moroccan Flavours to this part of the world. Moroccan food like couscous and tagine is definitely not common in Jakarta and he could be the only one who is doing it.

The menu here is short but it is great because it could be the sign that they really know what they are doing. Apart from couscous and tagine dishes, there is also appetiser like Bourek Potato Beef (IDR 59.000) and Harira Lamb (IDR 59.000).

Drink & Appetiser

The drink choices in  King Couscous quite varied, they have smoothies, non-alcohol Mojito, soda, coffee-based drink and of course Moroccan Mint Tea. We first order our drink. I ordered Mango Mojito (IDR 35.000) the drink was refreshing with a hint of mint and lemon.


Bourek Potato Beef

For starter, we tried Bourek Potato Beef (IDR 59.000) to share. It looks like fried spring roll but the smells remind me to martabak. These bourek smells good but the taste more awesome, the crispy flaky skin filled with minced beef seasoned with spices and the melted (mashed) potato inside give a creamy texture. For chilli lover you can eat it with their fiery spicy mayo or mint yoghurt if you prefer a lighter and fresh sauce.


Moroccan Mint Tea

Couscous Menu 

Couscous is a staple food in Morocco and also many other countries in North Africa. It is made from semolina (coarse wheat often used to make pasta) which has been moistened with water and rolled into tiny pellets. Traditionally this tiny granule of couscous then steamed in a special colander dish, in France is known as couscoussier  or taseksut in Berber.


Couscous with merguez sausage, vegetables, chicken and lamb mechoui.

On the menu, there are four types of couscous you can order;  Vegetarian Couscous ( IDR 49.000), Chicken Couscous (IDR 69.000), Merguez Sausage (IDR 69.000), Lamb Mechoui (IDR 89.000) and one of their signature dishes is King Couscous (IDR 129.000).

Each couscous comes with chickpeas, raisins and mild broth on the side. Although traditionally couscous is not served with sambal, but you can ask for sambal if you like.


Couscous with Vegetable and Merguez Sausage

After tried the appetiser we began our Moroccan feast with the king of all couscous on the menu. King Couscous, which is one of their signature dishes is basically a combination of their four types of couscous dishes.

If you like to try a different kind of food, King Couscous is such a good deal. For IDR 129.000 you will get couscous topped with vegetables and serves with lamb mechoui, merguez sausage and chicken (one of each).

The chicken was ok, it taste good and tender. The lamb has been marinated for 24 hours and slow roasted for 7 hours makes the lamb flavourful, tender yet juicy.


Fish Barramundi Tajine

Tajine Menu

Tajine or tagine originally is a special pottery that usually used for cooking the Moroccan and North Africa cuisines. But the word of tajine can also refer to the name of the food or the cooking method.


After finished our King Couscous we are sipping hot Moroccan mint tea while waiting for our tajine dishes. Shortly after our choices of tajine marching out from the kitchen. We started with Tajine Kefta (IDR 89.000) well-seasoned meatballs serves with an egg poached in a zesty tomato sauce. The hot sizzling tomato gravy and perfect poached eggs perfect for dipping the crusty pita bread.

Next is Fish Barramundi (IDR 99.000), the big chunk of barramundi bathed in Moroccan green spices and herbs, cooked with thick chunks of potato and halved cherry tomatoes. This barramundi tajine is a crowd pleaser and everybody’s favourite. But Chicken Olives & Lemon (IDR 69.000) was more up my alley. The chicken was tender and olives and lemon give a lovely combination of sour and pungent to the sauce, and green olives add a nice bite to this chicken stew.


Chicken Olives & Lemon Tajine


Cafe Liégeois


While the appetiser and main course dominated with authentic Moroccan cuisine, the dessert selection more varied. You can find French dessert like Creme Brûlée (IDR 39.000) and Cafe Liegeois (IDR 69.000), Italian like Tiramisu (IDR 39.000) and Fruit Carpaccio (IDR 49.000) or Couscous Seffa  (IDR 49.000) from Morocco.


Creme Brûlée

King Couscous Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

King Couscous

JL. Pangeran Antasari, Kemang, Mampang Prapatan
Instagram: @kingcouscouskemang


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