Be Creative with Bungasari at SIAL Interfood 2016


Living in Jakarta means you are never short on culinary event and exhibition. The most anticipated event this year is SIAL Interfood, this exhibition took place from 9th to 12th November 2016. SIAL Interfood is B2B platform dedicated for the Indonesian and Asean Food & Beverage Industry. 

If you are planning to come to this exhibition you can register online, and get the e-badge that can be exchange for entrance ticket. If you haven’t register, you can buy the ticket on the spot (it cost IDR 150.000 for 1 person).

bungasari-booth-at-sial-interfood-2016bungasari-at-sial-interfood-2016This annual event is held at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. More than 800 exhibitors from 34 countries/region showing their most updated products.

When I arrived the venue hall was crowded with people. Inside the hall D there are many companies offering food service equipment, machinery and food ingredients. But one booth that really caught my attention. Bungasari Flour Mills booth, located in Hall D has been overrun by visitors. Ibu-ibu who crowded the stage were very enthusiastic to watch the cooking demo.



Apparently their booth that looks bigger than average wasn’t only intended to showcase their product. Company that focused on the flour milling industry is trying to give more benefit for the visitors. Every day during the SIAL Interfood event, Bungasari held cooking demo for the visitors.


There are some cooking demos in the first day, I came late afternoon and missed some show. I heard from my friends, in the morning chef Achen from Ny. Liem Baking and Cooking Course show the audience how to make Avocado Cake, then it followed by Hazelnut Cookies cooking demo by Bungasari’s Technical Team.

naked-wedding-cake-demo-with-bungasari-at-sial-interfoodmr-grant-lutz-and-takuya-mori-at-sial-interfood-2016At 3 p.m.  other cooking demo begins. This time Ibu Tri Palupi and her team from NCC (Natural Cooking Club) demonstrate how to make Bali Naked Wedding Cake. For the base of wedding cake they use Hummingbird Cake made using Bola Salju all-purpose flour.

The energy and enthusiasm of cooking participants caught the attention of Bungasari  executives. Mr. Grant Lutz & Mr. Takuya joined in the kitchen, alternately they helped the NCC team to applying the buttercream and assemble the cake.


After Naked Wedding Cake finished, cooking backstage become quiet for a moment. But not long afterwards the visitor crowded the cooking stage again. This time they came to taste Mie Ayam. Their noodles is thin and the texture is firm and chewy, as I like. To get the fine noodles with chewy and firm texture they use a combination of Hana Mas & Hikari Biru flour.



After “Mie Ayam” tasting, the excitement in Bungasari’s booth not ended yet. We ended the first day with sweet dessert, the last event that day is Sweet Martabak demo. They use Bola Salju flour to make sweet martabak, its fine texture and high starch content make it ideal for making martabak. It makes the martabak expand well and create perfect cavities.


If you come to SIAL Interfood, don’t forget to stop by at Bungasari’s booth. Wether you are involved in culinary industry, plans to open culinary business, or just passionate baker this an ideal place to learn new things.

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