Jamuan Samudra: Archipelago Seafood Restaurant


Indonesian is known as the world’s largest archipelago country. Comprising over 17,000 islands, and two-thirds of the total area of Indonesia is ocean, then surely Indonesia are endowed with wonderful underwater world and abundant edible seafood.

According to Global Business Guide Indonesia, under the government of Pak Jokowi, Indonesia’s fishery industry grew 8,73% during the third semester of 2015. Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti as a Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is also implementing several new policies, and it has resulted in a surge of fish stocks and catch from Indonesian waters. But does it make fish and any other seafood become more available and affordable for domestic consumption?



In coastal area such as Makassar-the place where I was born and raised-seafood is abundant and commonly consumed. Not only the seafood price is cheaper but it also tastier. However it different in some places. In Jakarta, particularly in South Jakarta, finding good quality and affordable seafood is not easy.

Luckily Jamuan Samudra seafood of nusantara restaurant just opened back on 26 August. Located in Kebayoran Baru area (not far from PTIK) this seafood restaurant serves many different kind of seafood among others; fish, squid, crab, soft-shell crab, and mussel.


This two-story restaurant interior is clean and simple. Dominated with white colour walls, some Indonesian artwork like batik fabrics, and wayang adorned the walls. On the second floor of restaurant there is a meeting room and outdoor area. They also have small batik shop (near stair) on the second floor.


Not affected by the trends, the owners and chef of Jamuan Samudra want to provide costumer with Indonesian style seafood. Chef Sururi as a head chef has experienced over 14 years of cooking seafood. His experienced working in a seafood restaurant in Northern Jakarta area bring a special for him.

Back in that day chef Sururi’s special menu like Kepiting Asap (smoke crab), Udang Masak Wijen, Sayur Daun Dewa, and Kerang Bumbu Tauco are the favourite menu of our Mr President, Pak Jokowi.


Last week Indoblognet and Jamuan Samudra held a talkshow event about development of Indonesian’ spices and seafood. Bayu Amus Epicurina present as a speaker. Beside talkshow, Chef Sururi also shows us how to cook Kepiting Asap Papua. And then continued with seafood luncheon, which surely must be preceded with photo session by food bloggers.


The star for today is Kepiting Jantan from Papua, the crab and spices wrapped in banana leaves and put in charcoal grill to give it the smokey aroma. They choose male crabs because they follow the government regulation.


We start our luncheon with  Cumi Khas Jamuan Samudra (IDR 55.000) and Daun Dewa (IDR 30.000).  The squid was tender and delicious. Before we even finish our squid the other food like Udang Jumbo Bakar (IDR 35.000/ 100 gram) and Bawal Bintang Bakar Bumbu Kuning (IDR 23.000/ 100 gram) marching out from the kitchen. Both of them fresh and taste delicious, the spices enrich the flavour of the seafood and not killing the taste of the sea from seafood.

Not too long after that Kepiting Asap Jantan ( IDR 32.000 up to IDR  40.000 per 100 grams) come to our tables. These male crabs cook in two ways, the first one is Kepiting Asap (Smoke Crab) and the 2nd is Kepiting Saus Lada Hitam (Crab in Black Pepper Sauce).

Jamuan Samudra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jamuan Samudra 

Jl. Profesor Joko Sutono no.21, Senopati
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta , Indonesia
Social Media : IG @jamuansamudra

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