Sate Lilit with Sambal Matah


Sate lilit is traditional food from Bali. This sate made from a mixture of minced meat, grated coconut and a flavourful spices paste, and then moulding it in a sugar cane of lemongrass. Usually sate lilit serves as a condiment for Nasi Campur Bali or serves with spicy Sambal Matah.



Sate lilit

  • 500 gram tuna fillet, minced
  • 300 gram shrimp, peel and minced
  • 150 gram grated coconut
  • 1 tbsp tamarind water
  • 2 kaffir lime leaves
  • 200 ml thick coconut milk
  • 10 stalks lemongrass or wooden stick

Spices Paste

  • 9 asian shallots
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 2 red chillies
  • 2 tsp toasted coriander
  • 3 cm kencur
  • 3 pcs tabia bun or Balinese long pepper
  • 2 Stalk lemongrass, white part only
  • 2 cm galangal
  • 3 buah kaffir lime leaves
  • 1 tsp toasted shrimp paste
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 tsp salt

Sambal Matah

  • 10 bird’s eye chillies, slices
  • 7 Asian shallots, thinly slices
  • 2 stalks lemongrass, white part only, thinly slice
  • 1/2 tsp toasted shrimp paste
  • 100 ml coconut oil
  • 3 kaffir lime leaves, discard the hard part and thinly slices
  • 1 tbsp kaffir lime or regular lime juices
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp sugar

Cooking Direction

  • Sambal matah: Mix sliced bird’s eye chillies, shallots, lemongrass, shrimp paste, lime leaves and sugar in a medium bowl. Heat coconut oil, pour it into sliced ingredients while it still hot. Season with salt and drizzle with kaffir lime juices. Stir well and set aside.
  • Sate lilit: Add all the spices ingredients in a food processor and pulse it few times until  smooth.  Heat one tablespoon oil in a medium skillet, add spices paste and cook spices for about 3 minutes until fragrant. Set aside and let it cool.
  • Put minced fish, shrimp, grated coconut and spices paste in a bowl, mix well. Add coconut milk, chopped lime leaves and tamarind water, combine all ingredients and knead it gently.
  • Take about 1 tablespoon sate mixture and mould it into a lemongrass or bamboo stick. Repeat until all the mixture is used.
  • Heat a grill pan or barbecue grill. Put sate lilit and cook for about 3 minutes on each side until it cook and golden brown. Serve sate lilit immediately with spicy sambal matah.


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