My Food Diary: 1st Week in January

Here’s the summary of what I cook and eat in the first week of January 


Day 1 of cook90

Day 1 

  • Breakfast: gingerbread cake with ginger.
  • Lunch: store bought cilok (fried tapioca balls) with homemade sriracha mayo.
  • Dinner : tempe mendoan with sweet soy sauce and bird’s eye chillies.

Day 2 of cook90

Day 2

  • Breakfast : coconut jam sandwich with salted butter & homemade mocha
  • Lunch : I fu mie or mie kering ( literally means dried noodles) is Chinese-Indonesian noodle dishes. The original version usually loaded with vegetables and seafood, but this time I only use few ingredients left in my fridge.
  • Dinner : Spicy and sour corn soup with shredded chicken.

Day 3 of cook90

Day 3

  • Snack : popcorn with za’atar butter
  • Lunch : blanched bean sprout, cabbage, thinly sliced cucumber, fried tofu, hard boiled egg served with Indonesian style peanut sauce, rice and crackers.
  • Dinner : garlic confit crostini with camembert, pink peppercorn and drizzle with honey.


Day 4

  • Breakfast : Bubur ayam or rice congee is a popular breakfast food in Indonesia, usually people buy it from street stall seller or cart seller and it often serves with choices of condiment such as quail egg sate, chicken gizzard sate or sate usus. I made my own version using leftover rice, shredded poached chicken and served with drizzle of soy sauce, sesame oil, crackers, chopped green onion & crispy shallots.
  • Lunch : Homemade Japanese sweet bread for lunch, I ate chocolate & choco banana bread for lunch. Keep some for tomorrow meal, and bring the rest of the bread for friends.
  • Dinner : Make a big batch of spicy meatballs. I cook some with baked beans, tomato sauce and egg for dinner, and keep the rest of meatballs in fridge for stock.

Day 5 of cook90

Day 5

  • Breakfast : Chocolate crepes with nutella and black coffee
  • Lunch : Store-bought roasted chicken, smashed potato with scallion & lime, and watercress salad.
  • Dinner : Stir fry garlic chive buds with tofu, scrambled eggs and prawn.

Day 6 of cook90

Day 6 

  • Breakfast : Cheese and smoked beef bread (same bread from day 4) & strawberry and beet juice.
  • Lunch : Korean style bakmi mewah with spicy meatballs and mozzarella.
  • Dinner : Chinese turnip cake

Day 7 of cook90

Day 7

  • Breakfast : Scrambled eggs with caramelised onion & orange juice.
  • Lunch : Perkedel kentang (Indonesian style potato patties with minced beef).
  • Dinner : Chicken parmigiana with roasted carrot and potato wedges.

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