Ichitan Yen Yen-Perfect Companion for Spicy Food


Without us knowing tea has become an integral part of Indonesian culture. For most of Indonesian tea is still our favourite drink when we dining out or just looking a refreshing drink to quench our thirst.

People enthusiasm for tea can also be seen from the increasing number of hotel and restaurant that offering afternoon tea packages. Tea lounge, tearoom and specialty tea shop and also sprung up in Jakarta.


Even so the increasing tea consumption in upper class community is nothing compared to the growth number of tea consumption in middle class society. Everyday more and more bottled tea and ready to drink tea emerging the market.

Only rely on good taste and reasonable price isn’t enough anymore to captivate the customers. It need more value in order to makes the potential buyers interested to buy a product. Inspired by the predilection of Thailand and Indonesian people to enjoy spicy food, Ichitan  innovating to bring a new tea beverage that can relieve the spicy taste in the mouth.


Ichitan Group Public Limited is a leading ready to drink tea company from Thailand. Through PT. Ichitan Indonesia in early February they introduced Ichitan Yen Yen -their newest tea beverages- to Indonesian public. Ichitan Yen Yen is a ready to drink liang tea, specially formulated for spicy food lovers.

Ichitan Yen Yen is made from special ingredients that have many benefits for body, such as chrysanthemum, grass jelly, green tea, and mulberry leaves. All of these ingredients then processed using aseptic & cold filling technology process. This technology is used to maintain the quality and freshness of the tea even without preservatives and chemical ingredients.



In early of February Ichitan held a blogger gathering that took place in Bebek Bengil, Menteng. Beside blogger and food lover this event also was attended by special guest from Thailand, Mr Tan Passakornnatee (CEO  and Chairman of Ichitan Group).

Besides introducing Ichitan Yen Yen to the attendees, Mr Ichitan also joining with the chef from Bebek Bengil for cooking demo. Mr Tan who was accompanied by a translator often throw a jokes on the sidelines of the event.


After the cooking demo we then had lunch. Bebek Bengil, as a restaurant that known for their Balinese duck dishes certainly we presented with spicy and rich in spices food. Not to mention several kinds of sambal as a companion for the crispy fried duck. As my palate is not really resistant to spicy food, eating all these sambal can be dangerous for my tongue. Luckily we have Ichitan Yen Yen to reduce the hot and spicy taste on my palate.

The taste of Yen yen is very fresh and pretty mild with the dominant taste of chrysanthemum tea, and it doesn’t taste like a herbal tea at all. In my opinion this tea is better serve cold.


For you who like to eat spicy food Ichitan Yen Yen can be a perfect companion for your meal. Yen Yen is now available in Alfamart, Alfamidi, Lawson, retailer and local store in Indonesia.


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