Indonesian Contemporary Menu Series by Chef Marinka at Aryaduta Hotel


One of Indonesia’s most recognised and beloved hotel group, Aryaduta has entered a new evolutionary stage. As a part of its new corporate rebranding mission, Aryaduta hotel recently unveiled its partnership with chef Rinrin Marinka, a well-known television personality, chef and restaurateur.

collages8No longer a newcomer in Indonesia’s dining scene, Chef Rinrin Marinka was originally studying for a degree in visual communication, but then she moved to Sydney to learn about French cuisine and pastries in depth. She completed Grand Diploma of French cuisine & Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, Australia.collages6


There are total 12 menus created by chef Marinka for Aryaduta Hotels. On May 1 there will be 4 menus launched, and gradually there will be another menu rolled out in Aryaduta hotels all over Indonesia. In this first quarter, chef Marinka inspired by Batavian Street food.

Indonesian Contemporary Menu Series 1

  •  Asinan Betawi (IDR 35.000)-Cold Batavian salad served with peanuts & tamarind dressing.
  •  Kerak Telor (IDR 28.000)- Traditional  Indonesian omelette made with glutinous rice, served with coconut, dried shrimp and shallots.
  • Nasi Goreng Kambing  (IDR 85.000)- Fried rice with spiced lamb, coconut milk, egg, pickle, and traditional martabak.
  •  Es Teler (IDR 25.000)- Traditional Indonesian dessert made with coconut, avocado, jackfruit, pandan butter cake & condensed milk.


One may associate the street food with a crowded eating place with dull looking food, imagine a plate of brown fried rice with brownish chicken satay, and emping crackers. But chef Marinka brings all these street food to the next level with her plating style.




About Aryaduta Hotels

Since 1976, Aryaduta Hotels, the Indonesian-based hospitality arm of Lippo Group, has been a name synonymous with classic Indonesian hospitality, providing an authentic experience and excellent service standards as its nine distinct hotels in eights cities throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

The recognised hotel group is today managed by a global team of hospitality professionals committed to revitalising the Aryaduta brand and taking its Indonesian blend of hospitality beyond its borders for a planned regional expansion.

In 2017 the group will furthermore launch its second hotel brand, Dali by Aryaduta, as well as contemporary dining concepts with brand traits developed in conjunction with celebrated Indonesian artist and designer





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