Momozen, the Tallest Ferris Wheel in Indonesia


What was your first though when you want to make a romantic surprise for your partner? Candle light dinner maybe, strolling on the beach or enjoying the sparkling lights of Jakarta from rooftop bar? Yes, all of that is sounds romantic, but don’t you think it also so ordinary and a bit boring. I bet you’ve done one of them, at least once. 

There is a good news for those of you who are looking for new experiences. PT Momozen Amusemen Indonesia will present the highest Ferris wheel in Indonesia. The Ferris wheel with 50 meters diameter will be opening at Aeon Mall, Jakarta Garden City, Cakung, North Jakarta by September 2017


This Ferris wheel will stand on the third floor of AEON Mall in Cakung, and it rises 69 meters above the ground, making it the highest Ferris wheel in Indonesia. This wheel will have 32 gondolas which all are equipped with air conditioning.

“To ensure the security and safety, as well as the comfort of this Ferris wheel all the construction materials and experts were brought directly from Japan.”said Gosuke Sakai, President Director of PT. Momozen Amusemen Indonesia.


PT Momozen Amusemen Indonesia is a company that specializing in the entertainment business, they has succesfully built three Ferris wheels in Japan and one in Philipines. Momozen which in Japanese means bringing 1000 goodness, hopes can contribute to local tourism and bringing 1000 goodness for Indonesian.

In addition to the Ferris wheel there are also other facilities for visitors, such as bumper cars, locks of love and rooftoop cafe that serves International food, such as kebab and Brazilian Chicken Wings.


The selection of Kebab/Shawarma and Brazilian Chicken Wings are because these foods suits well with Indonesian taste buds. These foods also simple, have nutrional value and in accordance with the theme of Ferris wheel.



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