Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate

Sumptuous combination of rich and creamy hot chocolate with orange and cinnamon.

Sate Lilit with Sambal Matah

Sate lilit is traditional food from Bali. This sate made from a mixture of minced meat, grated coconut and a flavourful spices paste, and then moulding it in a sugar cane of lemongrass. Usually sate lilit serves as a condiment for Nasi Campur Bali or serves with spicy Sambal Matah.

Roasted New Potatoes with Sage and Garlic

  Roasted New Potatoes with Sage and Garlic You can swap the butter and olive oil with turkey fat or duck fat. Personally I prefer to use duck fat because it make the potatoes richer and crispier, unfortunately I’m running out fat when I make this. Small new potatoes great for this dish, no need…