Indonesian Geographical Indication Market

GI Market 10

Smoked Milkfish

Indonesia is a vast archipelago consisting of more than 13,000 islands that straddling the equator. And when it comes to the ingredients, the diversity of Indonesia’s natural resources is pretty superior. Indonesia’s coastline are surrounded by tropical seas that contribute to highest level of biodiversity.

GI Market 02

Jeruk Soe Mollo and Honey from East Nusa Tenggara

GI Market 08

Javara Stand

Potato Head’s Geographical Indication Market Place was a celebration for the abundance of Indonesia’s natural produce.

 Geographical Indication (GI) itself is an official recognisation of products made in a specific place. These products must have a particular quality, be made according to traditional methods or have specific territory attributes. Some of the  examples are Gruyère cheese from Switzerland and Roquefort cheese from French.


Left to Right : Sbrinz cheese and Walliser Roggenbrot from Switzerland & Tenun Ikat Sikka (Sikka Weave Cloths)

PTT Family (the restaurant’s parent company) collaborated with ISIP (Indonesian-Swiss Intellectual Property Project) and  Sahabat Cipta initiated the program to  showcase the best local produce from Indonesia.

GI Market 11

Cashew Nut and Cashew Butter

This Geographical Indication Market Place organised for two days (14-15th May) in Potato Head Jakarta restaurant in Pacific Place, South Jakarta.

During this event we can purchase some Indonesian GI products like Adan Krayan specialty rice and Krayan Salt Mountain from North Kalimantan. Various type of Indonesian Arabica coffee like Flores Bajawa, Gayo and Kintamani Bali, Jeruk Keprok Soe (specialty local orange from East Nusa Tenggara), Smoked Milkfish from Sidoarjo, and some artisan food products from Javara Indigenous Indonesia

GI Market 05

Indonesian Arabica Coffee

Aside from shopping artisan products and fresh produce from across archipelago, visitors also got the chance to learn more about GI by attending the workshop that leads by GI expert.

There are four workshops ; Tenun Ikat Sikka Discussion, The Rise of Indonesian Artisan Salt -From Bali to Adan Krayan, Going Single on Origin : Premium Indonesian Arabica Coffee, Adan Krayan Specialty Rice from North Kalimantan. These workshops held for two days from from 11am- 4pm.

GI Market 04-



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