Foodism Kitchen & Terrace- Taman Kemang, South Jakarta

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Foodism3First opened in Senayan Ciy back in 2006. Foodism restaurant initially sported a modern contemporary and clean design. The second outlet then opened in FX Senayan, before relocated to the new location in Kemang area on November 2014.
Nestled  in new location at Jalan Taman Kemang, not far from Kemang Mansion. This restaurant occupying a three story building with a capacity of  300 people. Carrying the concept of “One Stop Entertainment”, people can come and enjoy food, drink, night life, and live music.

Black colour wall and the dimly lit setting inside restaurant and reflective table surface is absolutely a food blogger’s nightmares, but the restaurant design is evidently chic.


Prawn Mayonnaise and Thai Spring Roll

We started with 2 kind of appetizer Prawn Mayonnaise (IDR 70.000)  thick battered fried shrimp served in a bed of lettuce and served with mayonnaise sauce. The prawn was fresh and firm, and not greasy. Thai Spring Roll (IDR 50.000) filled with mixed vegetables like carrot and yam, duck and chicken breast, served with sweet spicy Thai dipping sauce.


Mushroom Cream Soup


Tomato Cream Soup

Mushroom Cream Soup (IDR 65.000) a heartwarming  mushroom soup with textural dried mushroom, served with a mini basket of bread on the side. Tomato Cream Soup (IDR 42.000) fresh tomato cream soup, with tomato concasse and bread.


Duo Salmon

Duo Salmon (IDR 250.000) Roasted salmon topped with smoked salmon in creamy pink pepper sauce.It was nicely done, the texture of crispy smoked salmon on top of the salmon contrasted well with juicy roasted salmon, the acidity of the green peppercorn cut through the richness of the dish, while the pink peppercorn add nice fruity flavour with slightly spicy finnish to the sauce. Collages8 Poulet Braise or African Chicken (IDR 95.000) Roasted chicken in green mayonnaise sauce, served with Hainan rice, fried banana, a cup of mushroom soup and spicy sambal.The roasted chicken well seasoned and it blend perfectly with herby mayonnaise sauce, and the soup was delicious- a bit more mild and thicker than the first creamy mushroom soup. Each on their own, was delicious, but in my opinion marrying it all together it didn’t work- too many component and they clashed, rather than complemented.

“Kampoeng Style” Fried Rice

“Kampoeng Style” Fried Rice (IDR 75.000) fried rice with traditional seasoning served with satay, fried egg, and shrimp cracker. The fried rice is very flavourful, with a hint of spiciness from chilli, and the kecap manis give a nice sweet contrast and lovely darker colour.


Spaghetti Prawn in Salty Egg Sauce

Spaghetti Prawn in Salty Egg Sauce (IDR 125.000) Spaghetti in creamy salted egg sauce with spicy chilli.The al-dente spaghetti bathed in creamy salted duck with a few plump shrimp. There’s a treasure of red chili hiding on the pasta, you can easily remove it if you can’t stand the heat of the chilies, or just crush it if you prefer the spicy pasta.


Chocolate Lava

Chocolate Lava (IDR 49.000) Rich chocolate cake oozes with dark hot chocolate, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side and dusted with cocoa powder.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake (IDR 45.000) Three layered spongy carrot cake is pleasantly sweet with a hint of earthy cinnamon. Collages4 Foodism Kitchen & Terrace

Jalan Taman Kemang 2, No 14

South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29529054

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