Amazing Grills with Roger Mooking

Pic courtesy Indovision

Pic courtesy Indovision

Tonight me and fellow food blogger will be attending intimate dinner event with Roger Mooking in Bluegrass Bar and Grill. Roger Mooking is a Canadian chef, recording artist, tv host and also book author. The dining room has already packed  when I arrived there.This event has been put together by Asian Food Channel and Indovision.and it was attended by Indovision subscriber and some food bloggers.  We are welcomed with  some bread & butter and a welcome drink of orange juice and water. 

We are very lucky to have celebrity chef like Roger Mooking flown in from Canada to cook for us, and also show us how to cook his signature Beef Tenderloin with Black Bean Shrimp Sauce & Broccoli Dust. Collaborated with Bluegrass Bar and Grill corporate chef Arnold Budiawan, they will serve us 5-course dinner. All the food tonight is such a great combination between Western and Asian Cuisine, and I think it really represent Roger Mooking himself.


Steamed Duck Egg
King Oyster Mushroom, Sesame Oil, Razor Herbs

This simple looking dish come in a square white ramekin, it consist of steamed duck eggs drizzle with sesame oil, and crisp sliced of bread topped with razor herbs and fried king oyster mushroom. Ladle a spoonful of this steamed duck egg and eat it together with all the other components. The rich steamed egg with a runny yolk combine nicely with fragrant sesame oil, razor herbs, crunchy texture of bread and mushroom.

Green Coconut Curry

Whitefish, Moo’s Chutney
small portion soba and delicate white fish topped with julienne spring onion, sliced red and green chillies, served with green coconut curry broth, and moo’s chutney.Theres a heat punch from chilli and ginger, for some reason it is really comforting.

Blue Grass Jakarta

5 Spiced Floats
Braised Lamb, Micro Greens, Pickled Carrots, Ginger

Succulent braised lamb, pickled carrots and herbs encase in a hollow brown pastry, there is  green vegetables underneath and served with thick mayonnaise like sauce on the side. The pickled carrots and micro greens are just perfect components to clean cut  the richness of the braised lamb.

Amazing Grills with Roger Mooking

Beef Tenderloin
with Black Bean Shrimp & Broccoli Dust

The steak is perfectly cooked to a tender and juicy medium rare, served with a black bean shrimp sauce and broccoli dust. Tenderloin steak was incredibly tender and taste delicious as it is. but the shrimp and black bean sauce really live up the dish and it blew me away.

Blue Grass Jakarta

Mango Lassi Ice Cream
Honey Rosewater, Pistachio, Indian Puffed Rice

We conclude our dinner with a light and fresh dessert. Mango lassi ice cream with honey rosewater served with chopped pistachio and Indian puffed rice on top. I particular like the grainy texture of mango lassi ice cream wiht a subtle sweetness of honey rosewater.

It was a beautiful evening spending with a fellow blogger friends, some new friends and of course Mr. Roger Mooking himself. The friendliness and attentiveness of Bluegrass wait staff , AFC and Indovision crew is beyond my expectation.


Bluegrass Bar & Grill

Bakrie Tower GF,
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Jl. HR Rasuna Said
(021) 2994-1660


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